It’s a digital age.  It has been for a while and so far trends make it look like digital products are here to stay.  And even in my own wedding package offerings I have a limited package offering simply called “All Digital” because it primarily just includes wedding day coverage combined with ownership of your digital files.

But whenever possible, it’s still nice in this day and age to have a little something physical that you can hold in your hands and view.  No electricity, DVD player, or computer required…  just open up your wedding album and re-live the story of your big day all over again as you turn the pages.  This is why in my standard wedding package offerings I include an album essentially for free since you are hiring me photograph your wedding day for 8 hours or more (see my pricing here).  I want to make sure you have a beautiful album that showcases the best images, and your favorite photos from the day.

Another thing that I love about the ease of viewing an album is how easy that makes it to share.  Most of the albums my customers choose from me are the beautiful high-end coffee table style books that we make.  These books, and any album really, can easily be left out for people to flip through at an important family gathering etc.   The reason I even thought to write this blog post in the first place is because of the wonderful real world example that two of my customers, Mike and Meg, sent to me.  Here is the actual email that Mike wrote:

Hi Aaron,
Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how much we’ve enjoyed sharing our beautiful photobook with our friends and family.  Over the weekend, we visited Meg’s grandma who wasn’t able to travel to our wedding last year.  She really enjoyed reliving our wedding day with us.  Thanks again for capturing such wonderful memories.

I hope you’re well.

-Mike and Meg

And check out this image of Grandma getting to view the album.  I love it!  I have had my own similar experiences with sharing my wedding photos with grandparents.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your own examples of how great it was to share an album or any other physical photo product with someone!  Feel free to comment below, or to drop me a line at


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