Julie and JT had a great wedding down in Georgetown D.C. this Winter!  Several of the guests at the wedding are past clients of mine, and friends, and it was an honor being called on to do their wedding photography yet again.  This post has LOTS of photos folks, so get ready for some viewing!  I haven’t blogged in a bit and I had a hard time cutting photos out of this post.  Julie and JT paid attention to every detail and had some great stylistic elements in their wedding.  We even got to stroll into Georgetown itself for some great portraits.

The wedding was at this cool little chapel right across from the Ritz Carlton where they were staying and getting ready.  Just before that though, we had our little stroll into Georgetown for some beautiful portraits.  My personal favorite from those might be the shots in front of the Papa Razzi restaurant, just because I thought it was cool shooting Julie and JT from a distance like stars, ha!  The reception was at The Sequoia restaurant and the staff and service there were top-notch.  Julie and JT’s guests were even awesome and they took over my camera for a second to include me in one of their group shots, nice!  I could go on and on, but you’ll just have to scroll on down and see it all for yourself.

The Deets:

Hotel: Ritz Carlton Georgetown
Reception: Sequoia Restaurant
Photo Booth: Instant Classic
Flowers: Wisteria
Band: The Rollex Band



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