About Me

Thanks for stopping by to look at my photography and to learn more about me! Here’s just a few little tidbits for you:

  • I’ve been a pro photographer since 2001, but have loved photography all my life.
  • I enjoy good food and drink, and believe they are best enjoyed with good company.  (especially with my wife, seen pictured here with me on one of our “winery dates” in Virginia)
  • And I like music of all kinds… Fleet Foxes, and Tallest Man On Earth are in heavy rotation for me these days.
  • But I love photography.

Actually, I love creating imagery of all kinds. When I was young I was always into art and around the time I was 7 years old my parents bought me a little Kodak camera for Christmas.  Over the years I would save every penny I could to buy new film cartridges and flash bulbs for that camera… and that devotion developed into what has become a true passion in my life.

I have experience in several different styles of photography but I really love wedding photography in particular. Most photographers are always looking for meaning behind the images we photograph. I find that a wedding has so much importance and meaning already within it, truthfully on its own, and it is an honor to capture the moments of that day for you.

Please take a look around my site, view some photos and read up on some of the products and services I provide. And when you’re ready, fill out that contact form or give me a ring so that we can get in touch and discuss your wedding.

Take care,

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